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Los Angeles

42 hours with no sleep and I haven’t quite hit the wall yet, but at least I can say I have safely arrived in LA. Plane trip was the usual assortment of crying babies and people invading my seat space, all I can say my Bose headphones continually pay for themselves every trip I take, it’s like I’m in my own little world.
After circling the airport a few times my shuttle bus final left for my hotel, and it was weird because 4 unrelated people of the eight in the van had studied Biological Sciences at Uni and had jobs…..my first “only in America” moment. I’m definitely living in the wrong country for any of that.
LA kind of reminds me of Melbourne with its layout and the types of building, but warmer and with more cool stuff to see, although looks like I will not have time to see any of it as its to late now to go out so I am about to head to the hotel lobby to see if I can find any fellow Contiki travellers and check them all out.

And so it begins………

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In Transit

So I'm sitting at Dubai airport trying to get Wi-Fi to work without success after my earlier failed attempt in Muscat Int. airport to do the same thing. I know what you’re saying, who would have thought that Muscat Int. airport had Wi-Fi, well the new signs say they got it in "select locations" but I couldn’t find it although I didn’t try the toilets so maybe that’s one of those locations. Now I'm in Dubai airport and still can’t connect the free net and it’s really annoying me, what else am I going to do with myself for the next 2 hours. I’ve already bought my 1 litre of vodka for the month and raided the duty free chocolates, although I must say seeing the expression on the faces of the 2 old gray mullet haired guys when they were told they wouldn’t be able to buy the huge basket full of cigarettes was priceless. So now I’ve resorted to typing my blog in WordPad to upload later...so you will be reading this later and dammit if WordPad doesn’t have spell check either.

So now only about 18hrs left of my 23 hr. trip to go and I’m already rooted with no sleep last night and doubtful of any sleep on the rest of the plane trip, just hope they have some half decent movies on the plane.

Now back to feasting on my breakfast of subway cookies.

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One Week to Go



With only one week to go before I fly out of Muscat I thought it would be wise to test out how to use this blog setup and it seems it has no spell check so no complaints from those people who believe spelling is more important than content....and you know who you are. I'm not saying the content will be interesting though, who knows what will happen over the next month, lets just hope it avoids any jail time :P

So I've got all my crap together as per the Contiki suggested packing list, but I think their suggestion of packing one jumper when heading somewhere during winter is a bit light on, and their restriction on the maximum bag size will make it interesting to see how many tacky souveniors I can bring back with me, may have to ditch the jumpers on the way back, dont need them in Oman thats for sure.

Well thats all for now, next entry will probably be on my layover at Dubai Airport as I dont think poor old Muscat International has found the Australian invention called Wifi.

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